Invented and Operated by Victor de la Flor, an active duty U.S. Marine, the idea behind Under Cover Clip is simple: Keep your eyewear at the ready and protect your specs.

After pulling my new sunglasses from my uniform pocket one morning, I noticed there were some scratches on the lenses from loose articles in the pocket.  

Putting my glasses in pockets was no longer an option.  I needed a way to carry my prescription eyewear or sunglasses when not on my face, somewhere safe and secure.

Not to mention, a way to keep the front of my cover looking squared-away.


Turning ideas into reality.

About a year and a half was spent researching, developing, measuring and remeasuring, prototyping and patenting this new uniform item to fit and carry eyewear in Navy and Marine Corps 8-point covers.

Under Cover Clip was born.

Gone are the days of dirty, scratched glasses, bulky pockets and floppy covers.

A simple design.  A simple concept. A simple solution.

Keep your eyewear at the ready. Protect Your Specs!

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